Cassa Brickell

Boutique by Design Big in Idea

'Boutique' is something related to small, but not any kind of small. 'Boutique' is also exclusivity.

The challenge was to come up with today's best 'living' experience in Brickell. We started with an idea: to merge the convenience of urban living with the atmosphere of a personal home.

The 81 units of Cassa brickell are arranged in just 10 floors. This means you don't have to waste time in an elevator, or going through an endless parking structure. Our time should be spent outdoors, with family or enjoying more sun from a unique rooftop.

The Quietest Corner

Cassa is located in what is known as Brickell's Triangle, just 5 minutes and a few steps away from the action. Cassa brickell is in the quietest corner, with more privacy and more living.

This is the opportunity to be near the action, but still be in a residential area. Less traffic, faster access and a quiet atmosphere which invites kids to ride bikes, afternoon walks, jogging.. It's simple.

The difference is having hundreds of apartments in a block instead of thousands.

Air Houses

We all know how important it is to be close to our work place. That's what brings us to URBAN areas; where there are thousands of apartments, and where we give up space in order to save time on our daily commute.

We all love the benefits of having space, gardening, watching kids play, seeing your dog run around, and even sharing good times with friends and family in our own space. To sum it up, living is about space, and the more space the better.

Air houses are apartments that have nearly the same space on the terrace as they do inside. Another BIG Idea

The Rooftop

While most buildings have the entertainment on the first foors, we have it on the top, on our rooftop. It's simple: more sun, more moon, more space, more fun, more living.

Ten floors above the ground you're on Cassa's Sundeck: one of Miami's best rooftops. On this rooftop you'll find.

Interior and exterior dining with a summer kitchen, a sunset deck to enjoy the sun antime of day, a vegetable & herb garden, an infinity-edge pool, a jacuzzi, multi purpose fitness center with steam room, DJ stations & Binoculars.

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