8 Things to Consider Before You Buy That Home!

Home buying

Everyone has their own idea of their perfect home. Many would consider nice curb appeal and artful interior design attractive, but they are not the fundamental reasons people buy homes for sale. Beyond the aesthetic matter, here are 8 practical matters that must be taken into consideration before you make a big step forward.

Location. Location, Location!
We’ve mentioned it three times because it is that important, and it’s the single most significant factor that affects the value of property. For the average shopper, location is more personal. In other words, it’s all about what matters to you! For one buyer, nearness to work may be most important, while another might want a property that secluded and is off the beaten path. In most cases, however, where a home is situated and the neighborhood it is situated in are the keys to finding a great location.

The Neighborhood
What good is having a great location if you don’t like the neighborhood the house is located in? That being said, the truth is – it’s near impossible to learn everything you need to know about a neighborhood without actually living there. What you can do, however, you can make predictions based on what you can see and also researching a bit about that neighborhood in advance is always a good idea. Usually an enjoyable neighborhood will have clean yards, safe streets, good vibes and maybe even a few kids playing outdoors.

Street Parking
Even in the suburbs, local rules and regulations may prohibit homeowners from parking on the street. This can be a setback for families who have more cars than they can fit in their driveways. Lack of street parking is often a major issue in cities and downtown areas. It can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month to keep their cars in a nearby garage/parking facility. That is why homes with available parking can are valued more than those who do not have.

The Driveway
One of the reasons street parking is such a big issue is that there are setbacks and benefits of having a big driveway. The benefit being that you will be able to fit in more vehicles and frequently enjoy more outdoor activities on them. The setback is that they are far more costly and time-consuming to maintain. For an instance, a shoveling a big driveway after huge snowstorm can be much more grueling than a shorter or narrower one.

What shape are the floors in? If the floors are hardwood, do they need to be sanded or refinished? Refinishing isn’t very expensive, but it is easier if done before you move in. However replacing the entire floors is much more expensive and time-consuming process.

Window size and placement
You can of course can add and modify windows, but it’s not the cheapest change to make to a house. Ideally, look for a home with ample, well-placed windows.

Amount of natural light
This is a big one, yet it’s surprisingly easy to overlook when attending open houses. Once you have a few homes on your list that are strong contenders, make appointments to give them a second look at a different time of day. This will give you a broader picture of what the light is like in the home.

Lot Grade
Houses on steep lots are usually less costly because they have less usable space. It is also more expensive to build an addition, a pool, even a deck on a steep, uneven yard. For these reasons, the lot grade is often more important than its size.

Consider these practical matters to find great homes for sale in any area of the country. If you are looking for a home we definitely can help you find your dream home.

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